Our TEN club rides are all led by ride leaders who are aware of club expectations and are there to help with the safety of the group and the efficient riding of each group.  Ultimately though, the safety of the group rests with each individual rider.

To give riders a better understanding of what to expect from their ride, we class them as social or training.

Social Ride - these are the majority of our rides, are relaxed and paced according to group ability where the riders aim to ride together.  Longer rides will generally include a cafe stop and all rides are friendly with nobody being dropped.

Training Ride - a focused ride where speeds are generally higher and activities may include elements such as chaingang, hill reps or sprint intervals. These rides are available to all, however, you should be aware of the expectations prior to attending and depending on the training sessions, riders may be dropped.







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Ride Purpose will be communicated in the Spond event prior to the ride.  All social and training rides follow the below points, other than where indicated and riders should consider these, as well as the TEN Constitution and T&Cs, before attending.

- Wide range ability levels (training rides have specific goals and ability expectations)

- No riders dropped*

- Groups organised according to pace

- Organised ride where each rider is responsible for their own safety and the safety of the other riders

‐ Please be familiar with the route beforehand

- Please be self‐sufficient and carry items such as spare tubes and a pump and be prepared for any adverse weather conditions

- We aim to enjoy the ride and the company

- We aim to ride as a group

- Riders should go at their own pace up climbs

- We will re‐group at the top of the climbs*

- Please ride according to the Highway Code at all times and respect other road users

- It is important to alert other riders to obstacles and approaching vehicles so please do so if possible / necessary

- All riders should ensure they have NOK information with them, which would be easily accessible by other riders/emergency services

- Inform the ride leader if you intend on leaving the ride.

* may not apply during training rides