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Weekend Away in West

We won't be able to manage a date for everyone but the following Doodle Poll has been established to find something suitable for the majority...


The details of the proposed accommodation and routes are laid out below and a Doodle Poll has been created to allow us to gauge the uptake and see when the most popular dates are. If you wish to take part please can you complete the Doodle Poll as soon as possible to allow us to make the necessary bookings.

The plan would be for a 3 day trip travelling to Plockton on the Friday night, this is approximately 3.5 to 4 hrs driving from Inverurie. 


Saturday would be a 90 mile ride then have something nice to eat at night with a couple of drinks.


Sunday ride would be a 59 mile ride. Eat at night with a few more alcoholic beverages than day one, even getting drunk. Packing up the third day and going home.


Lunch both days riding would be a stop off Applecross cafe for the big one it's a must and there's plenty other places for day 2


90 Miler

59 Miler

This one has you a short ferry ride onto Skye then riding over the bridge on the way back.

Accommodation / Eateries
£14 per night per person .sleeps 20 If there's more than 12 it’s as well rent the whole place as you could be sharing with others, £280 for the whole lot.

The accommodation is self catering so we would be required to take food for breakfasts as there's nowhere near to shop, the accommodation has its own kitchen and showers.
We would need to book in advance due to the required numbers
We would need to book in advance due to the required numbers
cracking pub for a piss up, often guys playing fiddles and organs and has a cracking atmosphere.

The pub and both restaurants are a 5 min walk from the bunkhouse. 

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