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Club Rides

Something for everyone


Club Rides

Riding our bikes is at the heart of what we do and at TEN we look to accommodate as many people as we can whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced rider or at some stage in between.

While each rider is responsible for their own safety and those around them, each club ride has a Ride Leader who will coordinate and communicate with the group to ensure it is an enjoyable and safe place to be.

Everyone new to riding with us are invited on a Welcome Ride which are every Monday during the summer months and/or a ladies ride on a Tuesday.

Social Rides

The mainstay of our club and the most popular of all our rides.  They are called 'social' for a reason and are designed to get people out riding their bikes in a friendly environment and at convenient times.

We've listened to feedback and provided our ride leaders with tools to enable them to create enjoyable routes in safe conditions while ensuring those involved are having fun and fully included.

Once you are a confident group rider and have been on a welcome ride or ladies ride, you can be added to our app which details the routes and timings of each ride. We don't advertise the rides apart from via the app so the groups are made up of riders familiar to us.

However, we usually have rides on Wednesday evenings (March-September) and longer ones at the weekends, often with stops for cakes!

We also organise a Sunday Saunter as often as possible, which is a slower and shorter ride.

Monday evenings - JG Ross Carpark
(April-September only)

Our welcome ride was introduced in 2017 following a successful trial the previous year. Every new rider wishing to come along with the club for the first time will be invited to a welcome ride first. The purpose is to introduce you to the club, establish your experience levels and explain our principles on safe group riding.

For some this may all be very familiar and you will be content to join our other rides immediately afterwards, however for others, you may wish to come along on more of these rides to build your confidence.

The rides are fully supported by experienced members to ensure the the safest and most enjoyable ride possible and existing members or seasoned riders are still welcome and encouraged to come along.

The ride lasts approximately 1 hour and is at a suitable pace to accommodate the slowest rider on the night.

All riders interested should register on our portal and sign-up via our welcome ride event.

Welcome Ride
Social Rides

Ladies Only Rides and Training

Tuesday's are dedicated to the ladies of the club.  A weekly ride (March-September) sets off from JG Ross, but we also mix this with some structured training. All ladies welcome regardless of experience and it's a great way to enjoy your cycling in a relaxed group. Ladies often organise rides at other times of the week.

Ladies Rides

Training and Racing

While the club is focused on social cycling, there are some who may wish to have more structure and want the opportunity to ride at a higher pace.  We have training rides to suit and generally these are for more experienced riders.  There is not normally so much chat and we will concentrate on specific skill sets such as chain gang, hill climbing or pacing.

Normally on a Thursday evening (March - September). 

Those interested in racing, either time trials or road racing, would benefit from these rides and would be able to represent the club at officially recognised events.

Club time trials

After a successful trial in 2021, we are establishing a club time trial league to allow those keen on racing, or wanting to give it a go to do so in a relaxed environment.

We're hoping this will grow into a really popular part of the club.


Other Rides

Cx and MTB

While we don't have set days for these, we love to mix things up a bit by heading off-road on either mountain or cx bikes.

These are mostly ad-hoc rides but members are regularly going out so we have message groups to help organise rides.

CX and MTB
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